Ray Harryhausen - Master of the Majicks

Special DeLuxe Limited Edition Boxed Set of
Volumes 1, 2, and 3

Revised and updated with over 700 new or upgraded photos,
new information and interview material, and corrections and fixes.


This is a Pre-Order - Production is being
completed now

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Each volume available individually, or all three volumes available as a Boxed Set with slipcase.
Slipcase and PDF document of all updated information and new photos available for separate purchase as well.

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The project is finally in the concluding "technical" stages of "QC" (quality control), meticulously checking the resolution of the photos, converting color images and color swatches from RGB to CMYK, double-checking sizing on the page, and many other final steps. Considering the 3-volume total of 1,423 pages and a combined total of 8,244 photos, it's a daunting but rewarding process.

Those who might be interested in how this behind-the-scenes "under the hood" work breaks down, the link below will open up a copy of the current project Checklist. A chart like this is the only way to keep track of the required tasks and the ongoing progress, and it's nice to see the various steps getting completed and filled in more and more.

As soon as the files are handed off to the printer we will be able to lock down a detailed production calendar, including the soft-proof process, delivery of the files to the factory in China, the printed (paper) proof of the books, dust jackets, slipcases and other elements, the printing, the transport (by ship) to the Port of Los Angeles, inland trucking to my location, and final packing and shipping of individual orders. Such a calendar will mirror the detail in the production checklist shown below to provide everyone with a step-by-step timeline of the final production of the books.

Thanks again to everyone for their support, enthusiasm, and saintly patience with this project. Everyone's anticipation for the end result (including mine) is almost palpable, but I truly feel the project will be worth the wait.

— Ernest Farino


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