Ray Harryhausen - Master of the Majicks

Special DeLuxe Limited Edition Boxed Set of
Volumes 1, 2, and 3

Revised and updated with over 700 new or upgraded photos,
new information and interview material, and corrections and fixes.

This is a Pre-Order - Production is being
completed now

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Update #5

Each volume available individually, or all three volumes available as a Boxed Set with slipcase.
Slipcase and PDF document of all updated information and new photos available for separate purchase as well.

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Here are some additional highlights of the revised editions.

Photographic material:



Below are some additional sample layouts. Some of the content will look familiar (from the first edition),
but virtually all of the layouts have new material and/or upgraded graphic design.


(Click on a thumbnail for a larger view, then use the arrows at the bottom right of the large image to navigate.)


Above: The title pages for the new sections in each Volume that present new text and photos. Other new material has been inserted into the original layouts within the existing chapters.

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for some new layout previews

It's been a long time coming (how's that for the understatement of the year...?). The Master of the Majicks reprint project has turned out to be a massive undertaking, far more elaborate than just the corrections and added text here and there with a handful of new photos. The upside is that extensive new text, including information and interview material, and over 700 (!) new photos have been added to the three books. The downside is that it has taken much longer than anticipated and, in some aspects, at greater expense. Everyone – especially those who have or have seen the original editions – has been extraordinarily patient and understanding, which is much appreciated.

The time and effort has been well spent, I think; outside of the valuable contributions of the author, Mike Hankin, and our generous contributors, the production of the books has been pretty much a one-man operation, including the layouts themselves, meticulously retouching and restoring all of the images, managing the website, collating orders and maintaining the database, other business details, dealing with the printer, and so on. I don't say that by way of making excuses, just the reality of the situation. In any case, I'm rounding the corner to the home stretch. I know you've heard that before, but also know that I'm not lying on the beach soaking up the California sun. Every day, including most weekends and holidays (and some have been very long days), has been spent working on the books to not only get everything done but get it done in the best manner possible.

The one thing I cannot point to with a degree of satisfaction is my ability to predict a time frame. So I will only say that soon –and hopefully very soon– I will be locking down a precise production/printing/shipping calendar in conjunction with my printer, and when that's in place I will be announcing and publishing that plan in detail here on the website and in an e-mail Newsletter. Further, I will revive a Blog I started long ago in order to regularly report to everyone the ongoing status of the project step-by-step.

Thanks again to everyone for their support, enthusiasm, and saintly patience with this project. Everyone's anticipation for the end result (including mine) is almost palpable, but I truly feel the project will be worth the wait.

— Ernest Farino