GOLDFINGER – 20 Trivia Questions
Not definitive by any means, but a good start.
Compiled by Ernest Farino
(A link to the answers is below)


Above: Original release 24-sheet "billboard"-size poster.

1. In the film, what year did Auric Goldfinger first conceive of "Operation Grand Slam"? (not explicitly stated, but the information is there to figure it out)

2. What day of the week did Goldfinger brief the gangsters of the plan (displaying his model of Fort Knox, etc.)?

3. Margaret Nolan, who plays Bond's masseuse "Dink" in the Miami hotel poolside scene, also appears elsewhere in Goldfinger. Where?

4. What mistake is made by the lead female pilot in the countdown to release the Delta-9 gas as the planes commence strafing Fort Knox?

5. What is the "code name" flight designation of the formation of planes that strafe Fort Knox? Such as, "Pussy Galore's Flying Circus," which is not the answer.
(During a trivia contest sponsored by AMC Theaters in 1983, I took great delight in knocking out 7 players who preceded me who could not come up with the answer…)

6. Of the live action scenes projected onto the Golden Girl in the main titles, which shot should not be there…?

7. Following the "gun barrel logo," the pre-title sequence opens with a high wide angle of the large storage tanks and the camera cranes down the the other side of a wall to find Bond emerging from the water in his wetsuit. What is unusual about this shot?

8. In the scene where Bond engages the tire-slashers to disable Tilly Masterson's white Mustang, there is a closeup of his hand flipping the switch on the control panel console next to his seat. What's wrong with this shot?

9. What is special about Tilly Masterson's white Ford Mustang?
(Not a detail mentioned onscreen as part of the fictional story, more of a production background kind of trivia.)

10. What is the proper temperature for enjoying "Dom Pérignon '53" …?

11. After the bomb is switched off by the CIA guy just before Bond rips out the wires, Bond says, "Three more ticks and Mr. Goldfinger would have hit the jackpot." What's wrong with this line?

12. In addition to Honor Blackman, who played Hera in Jason and the Argonauts, which Goldfinger actor in a supporting role was in which Ray Harryhausen movie?

13. With Bond on board and piloted by Pussy Galore, what time of day does Goldfinger's private jet land in Baltimore, "our port of entry into the United States"?

14. What optical special effect technique was employed to fix a mistake in the scene where the Lincoln Continental was crushed into a small cube?

15. What nationality is Auric Goldfinger?

16. Production trivia: Skittish about the name "Pussy Galore" at the time, what alternate first name did the studio consider for her?

17. What is significant-- about the opening gun barrel logo as it appears in Goldfinger?

18. What brand of golf balls do Bond and Goldfinger use, respectively?

19. What is the cash value of the gold bar that Bond is given to lure Goldfinger during the golf game?

20. Which two principal actors in the film were completely revoiced (dubbed)?

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